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Application Template

If you’ve never created an application/valuation for a project before, or your experience is limited, it can be really tricky to create an effective application document that helps you figure out how much to charge, shows your customer that you’re charging the correct amount and gives you the security of what is effectively a legal document.

That last point is the one which many subcontractors are unaware of. If a main contractor does not provide you with a Payment Notice for your works, by default your Application becomes the Payment Notice. Should you ever need to go to court or adjudication on matter concerning payment of an application, and a Payment Notice has not been issued, your Application acts as the legal payment notice and is judged and measured accordingly to the standards and content expected within a legal document.

I’ve created this application template to help anyone looking for a new application document, together with a document explaining how to complete the application. I Hope you find it useful!

Download Subcontractor Application Template

Download Subcontractor Application Template NOTES