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Dealing with Bad Enquiries


Most businesses fail to deliver on the promise that they seek to make on the very first interaction that they have with a potential customer. We set-up a new website, and we’re thrilled when we get our first enquiry. We respond in an instant, organise and diligently conduct a building survey, then send out a prompt quotation. A week goes by and you get no response from the client. You call them...

Saying ‘No’ to enquiries


It’s hard to say ‘no’ to an enquiry and request for a quotation, but it pays to specialise. Not just in the type of work that you offer, but the kind of customer you work with. It’s difficult when you decide to change gears and switch your business model to a more profitable sector or to work with different types of clients. Your existing work keeps coming with enquiries, but as long as you’re...

The Benefits of Working with a Main Contractor


The benefits of working for a main contractor: The marketing to win work with the client Taking design responsibility Co-ordinating trades Organising major preliminaries Managing multiple contracts Site management Liaising with the PQS The risks associated with the multiple expenses and contracts Site health and safety responsibility Dealing with the local council Managing the defects process...

You Always have a Choice


I recently worked on a project where one element of our works went bad. A manufacturer let us down on some aluminium cladding. They were regularly late with design deadlines throughout. Three weeks late on delivery without warning. Then, when the aluminium arrived, it didn’t fit because the manufacturer hadn’t measured the balconies incorrectly during their survey. When we gave the bad news to...

Lead Generation Platforms


On lead generation platforms, a main contractor either advertises for subcontractors, or they approach the lead generation provider and request a set number of tenders for each subcontracting package. The lead generation company then reaches out to their members offering the opportunity to price for this work. Who is benefitting from this reverse auction? More often than not, the subcontractor...

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