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Extra 5%


A simple marketing strategy. Rather than fighting with your competitors to come in with the lowest price on your tender, how about you increase your price? Increase your rates by 5%, but the deal is you can’t spend that extra 5% on advertising or let it go towards your bottom line. With that extra 5%, what could you spend it on to improve your offer and deliver more than 5% extra in value...

How much do you care?


During the past six months, I’ve worked with a subcontracting firm and we’ve developed a strong relationship with one of our manufacturers. At the beginning of the six months, we’d just completed our first job using their products. We’re now in a position where, despite the numerous manufacturer options available in the sector (liquid waterproofing), we exclusively use their products. The reason...

Winning the work without labour


If you have a small subcontracting business that you want to grow, sooner or later you’ll face the following dilemma: I need more labour to complete the extra works that I want to start winning, but I can’t attract that labour until I have regular work that I can offer them. There is only one solution that I can think of. You have to go out and win the work before you have the labour in place to...

The Bill of Quantities


When you receive a scope of works or bill of quantities from a surveyor, she has told you in no uncertain circumstances that you are a commodity. Put your prices down for each item, you’ll be measured like for like against your competition and the cheapest wins. Your price is simply the only element in this exchange which is used to differentiate you. There is no amount of marketing or clever...

What’s not included?


Many problems arise on a construction project through a lack of communication at the early stages before contract sign off. This is particularly true when the client is not experienced with construction projects. The more aspects of work that are left to unspoken assumptions, the more likely you are to end up in some form of dispute, or general tension between parties later on. A good example of...

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