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First impressions make a difference. When you send a quotation to a prospective client, and they don’t yet have a relationship with you, they have very few cues by which to judge you. Your quotation sits alongside two others, and whilst it would be naive to claim that the Quantity Surveyor doesn’t make the final decision based on cost comparison, there is a difference between price and cost.

The price is the number at the bottom of your quotation to complete the works. But the Quantity Surveyor has to weigh up the cost of working with your company. Are you going to deliver on time? How professional are you? Will you have a negative impact on the build schedule. All of those questions have an impact on the costs of the project, and it’s the costs that the Quantity Surveyor is measured on.

Your website, your quotation documents, your business cards, your email signature…these all represent your company and send messages to the subconscious of your client. They have an impact if you win a job. They won’t help bridge a £20,000 difference between your company and a competitor’s, but they may with a £1,000 difference.

I can work with you to improve the brand identity of your business. Whether it be a refresh on your logo and website, or simply improving the look and feel of your quotation documents and site forms, I can help you convey the right message to new and existing clients.

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To avoid conflict of interest, I ensure that I only work with one client per region in the UK (i.e. North West, North East, South East, etc.).

I am available to meet now, and it costs you nothing to meet for a coffee and discuss how I can help your business (coffee is on me). If you want to grow your business, or if you want to find some new customers to replace some existing clients in your portfolio, please get in touch now to organise a meeting at your office.

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