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When I managed my roofing business, it was really difficult to find the time to go out and find new work. I wanted to grow my business. I wanted to find better customers to replace some of the clients that weren’t great payers, or were difficult to work with. The problem was, as margins are tight in construction, you have just enough resources to manage the work and the customers that you have, never mind find new ones.

Tenders come in from existing clients that need pricing. Projects won need to be handed over to the contracts team, and ongoing projects need to be managed efficiently. Some projects run smoothly, but more often than not, unexpected elements arise in the middle of the job that always need urgent attention.

Add to that all of the other admin, finance and human resource tasks that need to be managed to run a business, there is precious little time to find new work, either to replace existing or to grow the business.

How do we find new work?

What seems like the obvious answer to the question above is that you need to bring someone else onboard to help with your business development. To bring leads in, build relationships and price jobs as well. The automatic thought process is to hire, but that presents an element of risk. The additional costs of finding and hiring someone. The set-up costs of employing that person, purchasing the equipment they need to carry out their work and covering their salary and PAYE is a significant investment and risk.

The opportunity that I offer to roofing businesses is to conduct the business development role, but from a freelance basis. Risks are minimal as you can cut the resource and associated costs at anytime. I work with leads software like Barbour ABI and Glenigan to find the latest projects in your area. I make the initial contact with the key personnel on the project and get us on the tender list. I then price for the work, in collaboration with your estimating team, and present the quotation back to the client. I follow up the quotation through to pre-contract.

I have all the tools necessary to complete the tasks required, as well as the experience. I have four years experience working as an area sales manager for a major construction manufacturer (British Gypsum), as well as several years experience managing my own businesses and my own roofing contractor business. In the past 12 months, I’ve won over £300,000 of work through the business development methods outlined above, and have experience pricing for roofing contractors of various types.

Let's meet now, it costs you nothing!

To avoid conflict of interest, I ensure that I only work with one client per region in the UK (i.e. North West, North East, South East, etc.).

I am available to meet now, and it costs you nothing to meet for a coffee and discuss how I can help your business (coffee is on me). If you want to grow your business, or if you want to find some new customers to replace some existing clients in your portfolio, please get in touch now to organise a meeting at your office.

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