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Commercial Management

Robust commercial management is critical to enable contractors and subcontractors to thrive and survive in what is a fierce industry. That means ensuring that the correct systems and procedures are in place at an early stage to ensure that projects are run profitably and managed securely to avoid fines and legal disputes which can arise if you don’t run a tight ship.

I work with contractors and subcontractors to help them manage risks, make financial decisions, and address potential legal issues before they arise. That includes setting up systems from scratch, or working with clients on an adhoc basis to deal with commercial tasks as and when they arise.

I have all the tools necessary to complete the tasks required, as well as the experience. I have four years experience working as an area sales manager for a major construction manufacturer (British Gypsum), as well as several years experience managing my own businesses and my own roofing contractor business. In the past 12 months, I’ve won over £300,000 of work through the business development methods outlined above, and have experience pricing for roofing contractors of various types.

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