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Estimating is time consuming. You need to be thorough, and go through every tender document received with a fine tooth comb to identify all requirements. One small oversight can be costly! Usually the most profitable jobs are the ones that are more time consuming to price. More details in the specification, more drawings and elements to include in your takeoff.

If you want to grow your business, or simply replace bad customers with new customers, you need to go through a transition of estimating for new work. That’s a difficult position to be in, because most roofing contractors are running at full capacity. You could try to increase the workload of your current estimators, but the more overworked they are, the more mistakes they’ll make, which as we know can cost your business a lot of money.

Grow your business before you invest in more employees

Another alternative is to recruit a new estimator. But that’s a big risk and commitment to make before you start winning work to cover a new job.

I work on a freelance basis with roofing contractors to help them price for new work. You’ll have no long standing commitments, and little risk. I can help bring new leads in and price them myself on your behalf, or if you have many tenders in but lack the resources to price them, I can fill the void in your resources. If things go quiet, you don’t have an extra ‘mouth to feed’ on salary. You can simply ask me to come back when things pick up. I have my own takeoff software and pricing calculators, so all I require from you is minimal information to start work.

Let’s meet now, it costs you nothing!

To avoid conflict of interest, I ensure that I only work with one client per region in the UK (i.e. North West, North East, South East, etc.).

I am available to meet now, and it costs you nothing to meet for a coffee and discuss how I can help your business (coffee is on me). If you want to grow your business, or if you want to find some new customers to replace some existing clients in your portfolio, please get in touch now to organise a meeting at your office.

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