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Marketing does not comprise of a set of cheap tactics to steal attention from as many people who’s email address and phone numbers you can get hold of. Marketing starts with your product. It starts with deciding what kind of people you want to serve and how you plan to serve them.

If you work for main contractors and price on tender, much of your marketing strategy has already been decided for you. You need to be the cheapest to win the business, which is the last refuge for the struggling marketer. Main contractors view subcontractors as like for like at this stage, so they ask everyone to price against the same set of drawings and the cheapest wins. That’s why surveyors create bills of quantities and scope of works. They want to simply measure subcontractors up against each other like for like on price.

If that’s the world you’re in, you have to figure out how to be cheaper than everyone else and still make a profit.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for an opportunity to not compete on price and climb up the food chain, you’re going to need a strong marketing plan. You’re going to need to identify how and why clients, developers and architects might go straight to your business for your section of work as oppose to working with the main contractor. It’s possible to get in that position, but it’s tricky, which is why it’s lucrative when you do become that business, because your competitors haven’t figured out how to do it and never will.

I work with subcontractors and contractors to create a marketing strategy that will set them on a path to winning work that doesn’t lead to a pricing race to the bottom. When clients see two businesses offering what they consider to be like for like services, they pick the cheapest. The marketing strategy will identify what your client is truly looking for and how you can deliver a service and product which is unlike any other in your market, but precisely what your client is looking for, even if they don’t know it yet.

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