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A trivial direct marketing campaign for service businesses


This is a direct marketing campaign idea for an Architectural Practice. It can also be translated and modified for other B2B service businesses. Start by defining your target client. Let’s assume that this campaign is for an Architectural Practice that specialises in high end residential developments. The first point to consider is, what does your client want when they hire an architect? In this...

Why physical media makes a more lasting impression than digital


Business cards are unnecessary for most professionals. Most have a website and at least one social media account. Most of us have a smartphone to store and share contact information, making it quick and easy to exchange details. The market is gradually moving away from owning tangible objects. No more DVDs, CDs or books. Who keeps a collection of business cards they received? And yet, companies...

Interruption without irritation


How do you make the the first connection with a customer? Seth Godin introduced the idea of Permission Marketing. Earn an audience’s trust through consistent, anticipated messages. This happens when you subscribe to a podcast or blog. It happens when your garage send a card in the post reminding you that your MOT is due. Permission marketing is the act of offering something valuable in exchange...

You can’t persuade most people


You can’t persuade most people and you shouldn’t try. Most people don’t want what you have to sell. Most sales calls end in failure because the product isn’t right for the person across the table. Your job isn’t to persuade any person on the merits of your product. Your job is to identify the problems encountered by a certain group of people and deliver a product that addresses this problem. Not...

Why the element of surprise is critical to your campaign


And how snail mail can beat online When was the last time you sent a letter or parcel as part of a marketing campaign? It may be more expensive than online methods, but it’s also probably the best channel you’re not using. Daniel Kahneman tells us that surprise is “an indication of how we understand our world and what we expect from it.” Surprise is when something happens that we weren’t...

Are you looking for ways to find more sales leads? This site is for you!

Liam CurleyHi I’m Liam. I created this site to help businesses in B2B make the initial breakthrough with prospective customers that are otherwise unaware of what you can do for them –  You can read more about my background here.

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