Your product is multi-dimensional. There are an infinite number of perspectives from which it can be viewed. A glass of orange juice looks one way to a person who has just completed a marathon. It would look another way to someone who loved oranges, but had just drank two glasses already. It’d look different to someone who likes the taste of oranges, but doesn’t like the pulp. It’d look different if you stuck a label with a banana on it. It’d look different if I just watched you squeeze the oranges by hand and poured it into the glass. It’d look different if I was on a low carb diet. It’d look different if I’ve just visited the dentist.

The list could go on and on for the different perspectives through which you could see a simple glass of orange juice.

If you’re in the business of making orange juice, it’s impossible to create a product which is the best option available for every different perspective. It’s tricky to do it for even just a handful. Your best bet is to pick a perspective, and make the best possible orange juice for that perspective.

Better yet, figure out the audience you intend to serve, then understand the perspective through which they view a glass of orange juice. If it’s mums and dads with young families, it could be an orange juice that’s nutritious for children, branded for children, with a bottle that’s easy to hold and pour from one hand (whilst holding the baby in your other arm).

You pick the audience, then take the time to understand their perspective, then create or market the product that beats all competition hands down when viewed from that one perspective.

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