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Wolves and Sheep


We work in an industry that has its fare share of individuals and companies using underhand practices to conduct their behaviour. It’s cut throat, and many seasoned veterans of the construction industry will have you believe that there are only two creatures in the industry: wolves and sheep. If you don’t start acting like a wolf, you’ll become a lamb to the slaughter. The problem with acting...

A tender worth pricing for


Some enquiries require more upfront time and resources during the tender stage than others. More often than not, tendering for a package requires an investment of time, and it’s usually not chargeable. The dilemma that we then have is, how much of this unchangeable free time should we put into the tender. The normal response is that we put more time into the projects that we’re really keen to win...

Agreeing a price on variations


When I first entered the world of subcontracting, I found it strange that a customer can request that we undertake work, and we are contractually obliged to undertake this work, but the customer is not obliged to agree a price with us before the work has been started or completed. I don’t know of any other industries where this takes place. I’m specifically talking about variations with...

Technical Sales Managers


There are technical sales managers for manufacturers who spend most of their day either meeting architects to discuss project specifications or cold calling architects to get meetings. It’s a lonely job, and much of their day is filled with rejection. As subcontractors, it’s worth remembering that. You could be the manufacturer’s ray of sunshine. The friendly face, the call that they want to make...

Labour Rates


If you win work on price, you’re in a race to the bottom. Cheapest wins. If you make your profit by constantly looking to cut your costs after you’ve won the work, don’t complain or be surprised that you can never find good tradesmen, that your fixers are always late and leave early. Guess what, the only guys that will work for you when their income gets gradually shaved away are the ones who are...

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