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It’s not enough to stand in their shoes


Are you seeing the problem as the client sees it, or as you would see it if you were them? In The Numbers Game, Sally and Anderson put together a pretty convincing case that football teams are only as good as their worst player. Lionel Messi is in your team, but he never receives the ball. Your midfielders can’t get past the opposition, so Messi is ineffective. If Messi frequently receives the...

The perfect client


What does your perfect customer look like? It doesn’t pay to bemoan the way our bad customers treat us. They pay late, they always make changes, they pay low prices. Most businesses don’t get great clients for three reasons. First, they’ve not taken the time to seriously consider what a great client looks like. Second, they’ve not taken the time to make something that addresses the problems of...

Inside the package


I love Brewdog Punk IPA. It’s probably my favourite beer that you can pick up off the supermarket shelf. What first drew me to Brewdog Punk was the branding on the can. When it first came out, it was really distinctive amongst the mainstream beer and larger on the shelf. It didn’t look mainstream. At the time, bottles and cans tended to reflect a ‘for everyone’ theme or ‘old man beer’. Brewdog...

The thrill of an unexpected parcel


Why thoughtful direct mail gets opened and remembered Ever received a parcel you weren’t expecting? It’s fantastic! I love it when something that I did order arrives, but when something arrives and you have no idea what it is, it’s even better. At my house, we probably receive one or two deliveries from Amazon each week. In the 90s, there was a question mark for some people over whether ecommerce...

Extra 5%


A simple marketing strategy. Rather than fighting with your competitors to come in with the lowest price on your tender, how about you increase your price? Increase your rates by 5%, but the deal is you can’t spend that extra 5% on advertising or let it go towards your bottom line. With that extra 5%, what could you spend it on to improve your offer and deliver more than 5% extra in value...

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Liam CurleyHi I’m Liam. I created this site to help businesses in B2B make the initial breakthrough with prospective customers that are otherwise unaware of what you can do for them –  You can read more about my background here.

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