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I’m Liam. I work with brands to help them truly understand the story that their customer is waiting to hear. I’ll identify a path to building online trust with your customer and growing attention for your brand.

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Many businesses hear their customers. They hear what the market research tells them, they read what the tweets ask for, and they know which e-magazines their customers subscribe to. We ask what customers want, and they tell us, but few businesses actually listen. They fail to listen to the true meaning behind the answer, the sentiment behind the question, the logic behind the complaint that a product is too expensive. There’s more information readily available online than ever before, but few businesses actually explore that information beyond face value.

Customers buy a story. A story that reflects the one they want to tell the world and themselves. I work with businesses to explore what customers really want to feel when they engage with their brand, and the true story behind my client’s brand, to identify the connection between brand and client and to set a path to clearly communicating a story that customers will care about. I specialise in digital storytelling conducted online through websites, social profiles and content. Specifically, I work with clients in the food, drink and health markets in the organic and natural sectors.


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