Smoke & Croak

Commercial Management & Marketing Strategy

There is one route to earning profitable and rewarding work. You have to become remarkable.


In a nutshell

Contracting in the construction industry is a battlefield. From project to project, success means marketing your business, winning work, delivering your package and getting paid as a minimum the contract value that was agreed with the client. Getting through each of those stages successfully is a challenge. You need a robust commercial set-up to ensure profitability, minimise risks and provide protection from legal disputes. You need a marketing strategy to position your business uniquely within the market. That’s tricky amongst a large customer base that has a long tradition of measuring every contractor against one another on price alone.


I’m Liam, and I work with contractors to support their commercial management and marketing strategy. I’ve worked in sales for one of the biggest multinational construction companies in the World. I’ve been a partner in a successful digital marketing agency. I’ve been a managing director for a roofing contractor and experienced the highs of winning large contracts, and the lows of fighting legal battles to receive payments for works that were rightfully due. This breadth of experience gives me the range of skills required to help contractors formulate a marketing strategy that wins the best type of business available to them and their trade, developing sound commercial structures and procedures to deliver profitability and manage risk. Having worked outside of the construction industry too, I bring a different perspective and an fresh approach to contracting that isn’t set within the confined traditional construction business framework that every one of your competitors is confined within.

Vision and Values


When you learn to see and hear your customers, you begin to understand them. You understand the story that they tell about themselves. You start seeing beneath the surface, understanding why they ask the questions that they ask, why they buy the products that they buy, we begin to understand what they’re really looking for.

If you business model consists of pricing against specification, again and again until you win a job, you have nothing to compete with but price. I can help your business move beyond that cycle and become a key partner to clients and designers.

My job is to help you read between the lines, beyond the features of your service, to understand not only what the customer wants from the roof you weather or the partition you install, but what they want from you as a brand.

A Unique Position

When customers view your company as comparable to any other local contractor offering the same trades, they measure you on price. When you provide an approach, a service, that is unique, that they can’t get elsewhere, prices no longer the clear point of comparison, and you’ll begin to carve a position in the market that is home to one.

If you’re not unique, you’re invisible. Every aspect of my work, together with the strategies that I devise for you, are based on this principle.