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During the past six months, I’ve worked with a subcontracting firm and we’ve developed a strong relationship with one of our manufacturers. At the beginning of the six months, we’d just completed our first job using their products. We’re now in a position where, despite the numerous manufacturer options available in the sector (liquid waterproofing), we exclusively use their products. The reason that we use their products is not because of price, and it’s not because their products are better than the competition.

In the time between now and first using the manufacturer’s products, the sales manager calls us every week to update us on any projects he has and ask us if we have anything coming in. He visits us in the office every other week. He has helped us produce videos for our website. He has organised training events, free of charge, at his office with lunch included (other manufacturers usually charge for this). he has conducted surveys with us and even helped install scaffold towers.

The manufacturer has a good range of products and technical support, but that’s not why we’ve exclusively switched all of our business to them. We knew the products were good when we were using their products and other manufacturers. We also knew that they had good technical support.

Customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care (HT Zig Ziglar).

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