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Many problems arise on a construction project through a lack of communication at the early stages before contract sign off. This is particularly true when the client is not experienced with construction projects.

The more aspects of work that are left to unspoken assumptions, the more likely you are to end up in some form of dispute, or general tension between parties later on.

A good example of that surrounds any warranties that you offer. It’s better to be specific on what is included with your warranty and what isn’t. The ‘what isn’t bit’ often gets omitted from the quote. If your warranty doesn’t include design and isn’t insurance backed, it’s worth mentioning that in the qualifications section of your quotation. Same with preliminary items. List out exactly what is included and what isn’t included. If you do that, you give the client the opportunity to speak up if they find an item excluded that they do want in your package. If any disputes over excluded items arise later on, you can refer to the quotation document which clearly shows the exclusions, removing any dispute or bad feelings before they arise.

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