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The sales page narrative


A great sales page tells a story. The protagonist is the reader. The story starts with where they are today. They have a problem and it’s causing them a lot of pain. That pain isn’t going away until they solve their problem.  Then they meet someone on your page, a guide who has been there before. They look and sound like the reader, just further along the journey. They’ve experienced the...

The Spotify Business Model is coming to your Industry


It’s harder to encourage people to pay for digital goods than physical. Studies have proven that we place greater value on things that we can touch and feel. We pay a high price for the devices that hold the software. An iPhone can cost up to a £1,000. A MacBook more. But the social app, the music, the software, not so much. We’re outraged when Instagram and Facebook increase the volume of ads in...

Building the Score


During the early 00’s, the England rugby team were beating every team in their tracks on course to winning the World Cup. But, as an impatient teenage supporter, there were times when they were frustrating to watch. It was fun watching them win, but they were professional and pragmatic. They made clinical decisions to kick for points rather than go for the try every time they were awarded a...

When you’re creating change, sell it to the outsider


When Eileen Richardson joined the tech startup Napster in 1999 as CEO, she was eager to shift the music industry. Napster had received its first outside investor and was at the forefront of change. The business became the fastest growing in internet history, at one stage daily user growth was at 50%. Richardson envisioned a world where music producers and makers would view Napster as a wonderful...



Your product is multi-dimensional. There are an infinite number of perspectives from which it can be viewed. A glass of orange juice looks one way to a person who has just completed a marathon. It would look another way to someone who loved oranges, but had just drank two glasses already. It’d look different to someone who likes the taste of oranges, but doesn’t like the pulp. It’d look different...

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Liam CurleyHi I’m Liam. I created this site to help businesses in B2B make the initial breakthrough with prospective customers that are otherwise unaware of what you can do for them –  You can read more about my background here.

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