Liam Curley

About Liam

Plenty of other people could help you with your content and value proposition. You could also try to figure this out yourself or simply do nothing and get by as you are.

So, why work with me? Here are a few things I bring to the table:

1. Differentiate
Positioning is my thing. I only work with a handful of firms selling some form of creative service who want to be known for their brain as well as their hands. I'll help you articulate the value of your thinking and position you as a differentiated and sought-after agency.

2. Distribution
I’ve created websites, campaigns, and content strategies that earn inbound leads and present the seller as an expert. I’ve taken organic traffic from zero to 35k per month, grown social profiles by thousands of followers within months, built a niche newsletter to 10k subscribers and launched a top industry podcast. I know what sales content should look like to earn interest and attract leads.

3. Objectivity
It's hard to read the label from inside the jar. I provide the outside perspective you need to identify what your clients actually value and where your current marketing may be failing.

4. Translation
In a previous life, I worked as a translator (and have the MA to go with it). I literally took ideas from one culture and translated them to another. That's exactly what I do with your ideas. I take them from your head and translate them into a language that resonates with your prospects.

5. Luxury
A client once compared my work to a luxury watch. That’s how he felt when prospects landed on his newsletter or website. I only work with firms selling high-ticket services, and everything I create is designed to reflect your premium offer.

6. Unlimited access
I don't want you or your team watching the clock when we work together. I offer limited capacity for my retainers. Once you sign up to Thought Partner or Fractional Content Strategist, you have me locked in. No need to worry that I'm too busy to help.

7. Visual
As you may have seen in my content (in my newsletter, on LinkedIn, on this website). I'll help you visualise your core ideas to help you stand out and sell any complex projects.

8. Content systems
Content is central to all my work in helping agencies become recognised experts in their field. I've done this before across all formats and can provide the systems required to create quality content, build momentum and maintain it.

"Liam understands how to distil complex strategies and dynamics into simple and powerful visuals that capture important messages in a way words never can."

Renee Guilbault

Founder at Essayer Consulting

My Story

I’m Liam, a marketing advisor and interim CMO for digital agencies.

I work with firms that want to build a contant marketing system to attract top-tier clients but don’t have the time or expertise to build that system in-house. 

My story began as a marketer around 2012. I’d just completed an MA in Translation, specialising in Website localisation (going from Spanish to English). Many of my clients needed international SEO services, so I’d take their existing website, conduct keyword research in the new language, and then translate it to rank on Google.

After a year or so of doing that and working on my own site, I discovered that I enjoyed the SEO side of things more than translation. I focused fully on SEO, combining it with content marketing and PR to attract inbound links and exposure.

Since then, I’ve worked with a range of clients, in-house and externally. More or less all B2B service providers, working on a range of marketing functions. Starting with strategy, moving to CRM management (Hubspot), and then tactics to attract prospects into a marketing system.

The goal is always to pull in inbound leads.In recent years, I began to niche down towards firms selling some form of expertise and who want to communicate, package and promote it in order to earn high quality inbound leads.

I’ve done that through video, articles, newsletters, podcasts, and social media (LinkedIn and Twitter).

I’m a marketer, but I learned to illustrate a couple of years ago (simply because I love illustration). I started using illustrations to present my ideas (which got me 12.5k Twitter followers, 5k LinkedIn followers, and 1k newsletter subscribers).

I view myself as a strategic producer to digital agencies, figuring out a position, message, and content system that will reliably and consistently pull ideal fit clients into your business.

I'm a husband, father of three boys and one dog.