Work with Liam

I help consultants create deep insight that positions them as thought leaders.

That's insight (you might know it as content) that you post to your weekly newsletter and publish on your website.

It's in-depth, thoughtful, and research-driven.

It's a six-month process.

Each month, we capture and articulate a core pillar of your offering through stories, visuals, and examples.

Essentially, we're mapping your methodology.

We identify best practices and find your contrasting points of view that'll stand out.

One core topic each month.

And, by the end of the process, you have material worthy of a book you might like to publish in the future.

There are two ways I work with clients:

Thought Studio

$8,000 per month (Waiting List)
This is where I do a lot of the work with you and for you.

If you've got limited bandwidth, or simply don't have the inclination to invest the 20+ hours per month required to create and publish deep insight, this is for you.

Check the video out below for an overview of my process ⬇️

"Liam understands how to distil complex strategies and dynamics into simple and powerful stories and visuals."

Renee Guilbault

Founder at Essayer Consulting

Thought Partner

$2,500 p/mth
This option is the equivalent of having an insight coach 24/7.

You'll do the writing and research, I'll coach you and ask the right questions to help you uncover unique points of view, delivered in a compelling and interesting way.

Check the video out below for an overview of my process ⬇️

“Liam’s strength is to listen, research and then mirror back your story in a way that everyone can understand, enabling you to create a content that resonates.”

Ian Cox

CEO at Avark