Putting it all together: Marketing Fundamentals 7 of 7

Today is the final article in this Marketing Fundamentals series.

On day one, we covered desirable contrast. When you’re trying to grow the business beyond your network, the first challenge is to get strangers to notice you. You do that by identifying the existing clusters of competition in your market and creating a contrast that distinguishes you from everyone else.

But that contrast needs to represent something that a sufficient number of prospects want, which is what we covered on day two with Relativity. Because to truly understand what prospects want, we need to speak with them and understand their underlying fears and desires (relative to their perspective) and how they relate to the problem you solve.

Next, according to the Principle of Least Effort, humans always follow the easiest path to get stuff done. So, if you want to pull prospects closer towards you through your messaging, it needs to be effortless on their part to understand the value you deliver.

On day four, I spoke about The Narrative Instinct. We all make sense of the world through stories, and once you’ve pulled a prospect closer, you need a compelling story that ties the whole message together, leading to one obvious action (buy).

And finally, bringing that all together is trust because once a prospect wants what you have to offer, they start making Subconscious Calculations to figure out the likelihood that you’ll deliver the outcome as promised.

So what happens next?

Do you remember at the beginning of this series, I shared a couple of stories about a client of mine.

He wanted to double his prices. He wanted to attract a queue of dream prospects knocking on their door. He wanted the market to view them as a Rolex-style brand, and with that, he'd get the kudos and respect that comes from being a premium firm.

But that wasn’t the position he found himself in when I started working with him.

He was struggling with this problem:

Most prospects don’t ‘get the value of what we do.’

All his work was coming from referrals, and even though he was generating enough revenue to cover payroll and operating costs, he wasn't happy. He wasn't getting the top-tier clients he dreamed of.

And that felt like failure because him and his team were experts - they were ‘luxury products’. But the outside world couldn’t see them for what they were. They just saw an average firm lined up alongside every other agency in the middle of the market.

Their marketing was failing them, but it wasn’t because they weren’t capable of attracting these types of customers.

They’d been following bad advice from the ‘expert’ playbooks, never learning why people buy expensive ‘invisible’ products.

And as a result, they were forever reworking a marketing message that wasn’t delivering and wasting time and energy in the process.

But what happens when you have a 1,000-foot view of those fundamental marketing frameworks and you don’t yet know how to implement them?

Step 1 was understanding these frameworks. Tick.

What exactly do you do with them?

The answer to that question depends on where you find your business right now.

If you’re feeling lost…

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And taking all of the above into account, I review your business against the fundamental frameworks to identify THE highest priority action for you.

By the end of the engagement, you’ll know exactly what steps to take next to attract high-value clients and position yourself as a luxury brand.

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