Telling your story, drip by drip

Stories sell ideas. 

But how do you fully share your story when you have little time to tell it?

Here’s how: you drop different elements across different areas of your marketing, and with each engagement, your customer start to piece a narrative together.

For example, let’s take the headline.

Stories are made up of five parts. 

A good headline will capture one of these parts of your story. It doesn’t matter which part you pick, provided they’re written from the perspective of our hero (the prospect).

Here are some examples:

The anticipation stage:

Some dark presence is troubling our hero.

Dark presence looming

The dream stage:

Our hero is overcoming that dark presence to some extent, but we can sense danger lurking. The creator is getting paid here, but it’s hard work getting the money.

Hero is overcoming dark presence, but it's hard

The Frustration stage: 

Our hero is face to face with the dark presence, and they feel helpless. 

This is worse than I thought

The Nightmare stage: 

All seems lost. There is only a tiny chance that our hero will overcome the dark presence.

Despite the odds, we defeated the villain


Despite the odds, the hero overcomes this dark presence and enjoys the prize at the end.

You build the story, then let it drip through your messaging. After enough interactions, the full story behind your product becomes clear.

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