Why are Tigers Orange?

Why are tigers orange?

Know why tigers are orange?

They're great marketers.

It doesn't seem to be a particularly helpful colour - stands out a mile.

And hunting requires that you remain invisible until the last minute.

If a tiger asked a human for advice on catching more prey, we'd tell them, 'change the orange'.

Everyone can see you coming! You need to blend in more.

But here's the thing...

They don't hunt humans. They hunt deer.

And deer are red-green colour blind.

Which means an orange tiger looks green (and blends into the background).

It's the perfect colour for hunting.

The lesson?

Ignore (marketing) opinions from:

  • your mum
  • the best-selling marketing guru
  • that 20-year-old LinkedIn productivity bro

In fact, forget about opinions altogether.


Observe how your market responds to your message (and double down on what works).

Now go catch a deer!

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