75 Visual Frameworks for consultants

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You've got ideas that are incredibly valuable, all in written form.

You know they're good, but you also know that people learn in different ways. They remember in different ways.

That's the power of a visual. It can reinforce, stimulate, and simplify. We are all visual thinkers.

You want to figure out the best way to start communicating these ideas, visually.
Visual frameworks for consultants
Illustrate and clarify your core ideas
I've made a set of 75 editable templates - visual frameworks for consultants.

Rather than trying to come up with a visual concept for your ideas, this works the other way around:

“These are all the visual concepts, which one applies to this specific idea?”

These templates are targeted at beginner level, meaning they're made for
people with zero designer experience.
Here's how it'll work:
  • You'll get a link to a Notion page where the 75 templates are categorised according to use case (i.e. demonstrate that two things are different but the same, demonstrate that one thing matters way more than everything else, etc.).
  • Examples of how to apply them.
  • Each template will be available in two formats: A Figma file where you can duplicate the files and edit labels to personalise, or; A PNG without labels that you can transfer over to your own documents (e.g. PowerPoint).
  • You'll get instructions on how to do all of the above.
Get instant access now for $150.