The Flat Pack Direct Marketing Campaign for Architects


The flat pack campaign is a direct marketing idea for architects. The cost per target is likely between £15-£25 per recipient plus any design time, which would be done in-house by the architect’s practice.

You need to have your audience and numbers clearly defined before starting any campaign. For the purpose of this article, our architect specialises in high end-residential properties and the target audience is a developer who appoints the architect to act as Contract Administrator.

Campaign objective

The purpose of our campaign is to get a meeting with developers currently building high-end residential properties. The objective in the subsequent meeting would be to join the tender list for the opportunity to bid for the next development.

Our audience

Our offer is one that says ‘we don’t do schools, we don’t do budget accommodation, we don’t do commercial – we do stylish high end residential projects and we’re the best option for any developments in Bristol’. Let’s prove it at a very small scale with our direct marketing campaign.

Let’s say our ideal client has a budget of £2m. If you had zero restrictions or obstacles to design a beautiful building with a £2m budget, what would you design? We’re going to design a building with as much detail as is practical. Elevation drawings, CGI artwork, any type of asset that you would provide to a client on a commissioned project without going into the fine details of any specifications.

The message

Now we’re going to design a flat pack paper model version of that design with as much detail as possible, in full colour. We’ll order the flat pack to be printed on high quality paper with beautifully designed instructions on an A4 of how to build the model.

We’ll include a postcard with a personalised password. This password can be used on a unique website landing page which tells the client more about the design we sent them, the further assets available, and how we can design their next high-end residential development for them.

The call to action

The landing page has the call to action to book a meeting.

Every time a user logs into the landing page with their unique password, we set up an email notification so that we know who has logged in and when. We can follow this up with a sales call to encourage the meeting (if they don’t request it through the website).

The return on investment

If we assume our architect rates are 5% of the construction costs, we’d forecast that one new client from our campaign would bring in approximately £100,000 in revenue. Note that this is the revenue from one project, not the Life Time Value. Based on our budget campaign cost of £2,500, if we get one new client via this campaign, the campaign is a massive success and we can roll it out again. 

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