You are a personal trainer


You don’t need to work with a personal trainer to learn a new HIIT workout. Thousands of videos are available online with different HIIT routines. To complete a routine, you need nothing other than motivation and enthusiasm. You don’t need weights or expensive gym equipment either. You can complete a good workout using just your own body weight.

It’s the same with nutrition. You don’t need a dietician to educate you on what you should or shouldn’t eat. All of the information you could possible need is available online.

Although you don’t need a personal trainer to complete a HIIT session, you’ll certainly show up for your next session with more rigour when your Personal trainer is waiting for you at the gym door. You’ll push more reps and lift heavier weights on sessions with the Personal trainer than those without.

If that’s case, what is a Personal trainer for? We don’t pay a Personal trainer to tell us we need to exercise to get fit and healthy. You knew that when you hired him. He isn’t there to show you how to perform each exercise. Although he will do that, you could figure that out through online videos. 

You pay a Personal trainer because he’ll make sure you show up every time, on time, and push yourself to the limit. You won’t leave early, you won’t slack off on exercises you don’t enjoy. You pay a Personal trainer to help you achieve your goal of getting fitter and stronger.

A great product or campaign isn’t enough to motivate action

It’s not enough to create a great product. It’s not enough to build a beautiful website. You can send a direct marketing campaign that’s memorable and engaging, but if you sit back and wait for the recipient to call you, they probably won’t.

No matter how good your product is, it’s not a priority for your potential customer. They like what you sell and they like they way you market your product, but they’ll call you later. Invariably, that call won’t come because you slipped off the to do list.

It’s your job to teach the customer. You show them not only why your product solves their problem, you need to motivate them to take action just as a Personal trainer would. When you deliver a marketing campaign, you need to schedule the follow up call. You need to make the first move, because they probably won’t.

The Personal trainer is there to make sure you exercise. We want them to encourage us to do the things that are good for us. You’re a Personal trainer too.

By Liam Curley

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